I'm Jarl, the Programmer

Pioneering Exceptional Software Solutions Since 2008


I develop software with a focus on functionality and user experience. My process involves writing clean code for both backend systems and user interfaces, aiming to solve real-world problems effectively and enhance how users interact with applications.


I work to improve the connection between software development and operations, enhancing the flow of projects from development to deployment. My role primarily involves automating routine tasks, streamlining deployments, and ensuring systems are reliable and perform well under different conditions.


I design systems that are both scalable and maintainable, preparing them for future needs while ensuring they operate efficiently today. My approach is practical, focusing on creating architectures that are easy to integrate and built to last with an emphasis on data security and system stability.


As a Fullstack developer, I handle both frontend and backend tasks, creating end-to-end solutions. I strive to build accessible and efficient applications, working continuously to improve how the frontend and backend connect for a seamless user experience.

My story

My journey into the coding world began in high school when I stumbled upon a Java book that sparked my fascination with programming. The ability to craft logic and see tangible results from my code, like creating a simple calculator, ignited my passion for the craft. This enthusiasm led me to pursue a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and laid the foundation for a career where I’ve enjoyed working with languages such as JavaScript, TypeScript, Scala, and Rust.

Over my 15-year career in tech, my recipe for success has been a combination of unquenchable curiosity, disciplined practice, and a willingness to tackle challenges head-on. Rather than just focusing on mastering programming languages, I’ve found that delving into real-life problems and understanding their intricacies has been key. Teaching others has also been instrumental in reinforcing my own knowledge and skills, as it pushes me to articulate concepts clearly and think critically about different approaches.