Never buy laptops from strangers who dont know shit

Sometimes it might be tempting to buy cheap laptops, but cheapness comes with a cost.

Even if its tempting to buy cheap computers, it always has a backside to the coin. It might look good and it might be cheap. But in the end, its your problem if it doesn't work or if it crashes.

The most important aspect of buying used computers is that many old laptops are refurbished or even stolen laptops. If you buy an old laptop like a Thinkpad T400 however, chances are small that this machine is still of value to anyone. Many even don't want computers like this because they are obsolete. Others see the unique value of robustness.

I want to tell about a recent experience with a seller on a norwegian page called I have never really thought about it, but its really easy to be scammed. Its so easy sometimes that you don't see that you are falling into the trap before you are lying there trapped.

This seller is a good example of a bad seller.

There are a number reasons why i say this is a bad seller. First off he is not verified. All accounts on get the opportunity to verify their account for free. Why shouldn't a seller with so many sales do that? Secondly, mixed language in seller title. Should say "Profesjonell datahåndtering". Lastly, and this is important, to be able to review a seller the seller must mark the ad you bid on as sold. Plus the recent reviewers didn't leave a message.

Another tripwire i didn't see but that i thought sounded funny, was that Vipps was not working for him. But it did for me that day. All day. That was a blatant lie.

Bottom line is, I was scammed. But its like one of these situations where the seller plays as the victim. And really in my situation he really made himself the victim, for no good reason. I mean i got a computer with a broken/dead battery and bios with supervisor password and blank user password. I could see everything in the bios. But not change it. Annoying beeps and cant change settings. I mean he knew it and plays dumb.

So right now i am typing this on a Thinkpad T400, with a bios supervisor password that makes me hate life whenever this machine boots up due to its super annoying supervisor configured hardware beeps and annoying post screens.